Therapy Sessions: Insurance or not Insurance

Health Insurance is Great! But…

Insurance companies rely upon expedient, evidence based best practices. This is important when getting your knee replaced or a quadruple bypass. But not with massage therapy. Massage Therapists have a wide range of techniques available to them. Some techniques are better than others for a given condition. This seems complicated and un-necessary to insurance companies.

There are so many modalities that massage therapists use. Why use a pairing knife when a Swiss army knife is available? But insurance companies don’t see it that way. It’s easier to approve evidence based best practices for a paring knife. Not so much for a Swiss army knife. The full potential of massage therapy is often ignored.

Massage Therapists are very good at what they do. Insurance Companies are dubious of this. They prefer to strictly control and limit the use of massage therapy.

I’m not saying: “Don’t use health insurance for massage”. Just be aware of the limitations of your covergage.

Massage Therapy Paid by Insurance

Insurance paid massage therapy usually requires a medical referral or prescription – check your insurance plan. Continuing treatment must be deemed Medically Necessary by your Primary Care Provider (PCP). PCPs include: Doctor MD or DO, Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, Physician’s Assistant. Symptoms must be acute (new) or relatively recent. Most insurance companies do not cover chronic conditions – this is a grey area. Massage Therapy given for chronic conditions is considered Maintenance Massage or Palliative Care, often not covered by insurance.

Insurance companies can deny payment if massage treatment strays from body regions specifically called out in your referral or prescription. If your body imbalances are causing or perpetuating your symptoms and are distant from your pain, your insurance may deny payment. It is very difficult to prove that body imbalances are causing or perpetuating painful conditions.

I am a Preferred Provider for these Insurance Companies:



Uniform Medical Plan

Kaiser Permanente

I can also bill your Auto Insurance if you have PIP coverage.

I do not bill other Insurance Companies. I can provide a super bill for your convenience. You can send it in to your insurance company for reimbursement. My walk-in rate for Massage Therapy is $90.00 per hour.


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Therapy Sessions Paid by the Client

These sessions include: Advanced Massage Therapy and Bodywork, Yoga as Therapy, Meditation Training, Breath-Work Training, Core Integration Practices, Postural Wave Training

Paying out of pocket expands your range of options. Going beyond insurance paid work can help get to the root of your problems. Insurance paid therapy can only get you so far. The extent of the care that you receive is your insurance company’s call.

Advanced Massage Therapy and Bodywork gets to the root of the problem. Body-rolling incorporates the use of small balls to smooth out knots. Yoga as Therapy goes deeper than massage can go.

Core integration Practices engage, strengthen and balance your deep core structure. Postural Wave Practices help to reawaken your innate postural balance. Meditation and Breath-work proactively deal with stress.

60 Minute Therapy Session – $90.00

90 Minute Therapy Session – $135.00

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