"I dislocated my shoulder in 1976. After the shoulder did not heal properly and kept dislocating, I had an operation performed to keep it in place. The operation was a success until the 90's when I started long distance bicycle riding. Then it began to ache, and eventually, I gave up the riding. Meanwhile I had taken up oil painting and in 2009, the ache was constant and woke me up at night. My doctor sent me on to a rheumatologist who said the x-ray showed lots of deterioration, osteoarthritis and a large bone spur. He concluded that I had three choices: live with the pain, use a variety of pain killers or get a shoulder replacement. I thought about my life moving from one pain killer to the next. I did not like the prospect. Meanwhile, I heard about Michael Dennis, someone who worked to iron out the fascia. I was somewhat reluctant to go to him as I didn't think it would do much good. After all, I had been to a variety of massage therapists with some temporary relief, but the overall problem was worse. Nonetheless, I went. My first appointment was December 17, 2010. I have been seeing Michael for one hour once a week since that date. I no longer wake up at night in pain. I no longer think of my shoulder every waking moment. I have times of mild discomfort, but my life is my own. It is such a relief."

Fay S.


"Michael's work was like a miracle for me on my healing journey after being injured in 2 auto accidents in one year and experiencing immense chronic pain. I explored many healing modalities, but noticed the most progress and improvement from session to session with Michael's care. The culmination of all his years of expertise is apparent and impressive. Also, as a teacher of anatomy, yoga, and meditation...his knowledge of the body and application of healing is always fresh. His calming presence and friendly nature make the experience...the energy, focus, and knowledge he directs works wonders for your body...his approach to healing is all together wholly wholesome, wholly holistic. I can also say that he was an inspiration for me to study bodywork, and I am now a massage therapist and bowenwork practitioner. I still hold his work as an example of what I aspire to be able to do for others, as he did for me. What is incredible is that I am now well enough to be able to contribute to society and live life healthy and happy. Thank you for helping me get over the pain hurdle and heal!"

Tiffany T.


"I went to Michael Dennis ten years ago with chronic pain in my lower back. He quickly diagnosed the problem and began an effective plan of treatment. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise in how the body works and healing it. He constantly is learning new techniques that help his clients improve mobility and stay limber. I highly recommend Michael and his wonderful calm, friendly, manner.

Barbara L.


"I have been receiving treatment from Michael for many years. I first heard about his skills from an acupuncturist who recommended him highly. Having suffered from chronic back pain since 1981, I sought the services of many body work practitioners over the years, from traditional physical therapy to acupuncture to chiropractic. I have had the most success with Michael Dennis. Although Michael is a fine masseur for those who want a deep, relaxing massage, I consider the work Michael has done for me as treatment, not merely massage. Michael has an advanced understanding of the mechanics of the body, and the intuition to match. He finds the origin of the pain and addresses the overall problem, not just a quick fix. With Michael’s treatments, I have been able to remain active doing the things I love."

Kathy L


"Michael Dennis is a highly skilled bodyworker. I have experienced significant improvements in my back since he has been working with me. I have scoliosis. Doctors, massage therapists and other health professionals had always told me that nothing could be done. The curvatures in my spine were slight enough when I was thirteen, but had worsened as I aged.  As a result, I had unintentionally overdeveloped muscles on the right side of my back, which became disfiguring and painful. Michael thought muscle adhesions (a condition in which muscles adhere to one another or a nearby bone) were contributing to my problem and causing me pain.  He has worked to release those adhesions, and I noticed a big difference in my back from the first session. The hard mass of muscles on the right side is nearly gone. I have also noticed the tilt of my pelvis has improved. There is more evenness in my hips and shoulders, and I can sit much longer without discomfort. He is now helping me through the aid of a yoga wall to help achieve evenness in my yoga postures, so that I might maintain my gains. Besides the welcome changes I’ve been seeing in my body, I have enjoyed working with Michael as he is warm, kind, and dedicated to his healing practice. He is someone I can trust, who happens to be a gifted healer, and I am grateful to have benefited from his skills."

Sharon M.


I went to Michael after one of his patients said she considered him not just a massage therapist, but a healer. My neck, shoulders and forearms needed healing, and I've gotten so much more. He explained the importance of good posture and loosening fascia even for my forearms, and helped me move in the right direction using massage, exercises and advice about everything from yoga to meditation to backpacks. Michael has an intuitive approach to massage and healing that leads to relief in the moment and a framework for lasting results. My neck, shoulders and forearms have never felt better, and even my digestion has improved. I got so much more than I expected and am very grateful to have found him.”

Melissa A.


Michael has helped keep me active by treating chronic muscle and joint issues that are not addressed by orthopedics or physical therapy. He's a tremendously knowledgeable, experienced and innovative therapist because he's always learning and working to understand the underlying causes of the problems he's working with his clients to solve. I highly recommend Michael to friends and co-workers, all of whom are pleased with what he's been able to do for them."

Howard C.