Wellness Care

Wellness Care (Wellness massage, Yoga Therapy, Meditation Training, Breath-Work)
Wellness Care offers an expanded realm of care. Say you want to go beyond medical massage and get to the root of your problems. Maybe you have had nagging pain or stiffness for a long time. Perhaps its getting harder to reach things on the top shelf. Maybe you would like to perform better and feel better, to feel that you are improving rather than just maintaining or slipping backwards.

Thats where Wellness Care comes in. Massage and Advanced Bodywork that get to the root of the problem. Body-rolling that incorporates the use of small balls to smooth out knots. Structural Yoga Therapy the goes even deeper than massage can go.

Core Integration Practices strengthen your natural ability to creatively engage your deep core structure to balance and stabilize  your body to  enhance and speed healing. Meditation Training and Breath-Work so that you can become proactive in dealing with stress.

Wellness Massage - 60 minutes $90.00

Wellness Massage - 90 minutes $135.00


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