Yoga as Therapy

IMG_0227You can use Yoga as Therapy even if you have never done yoga before. Yoga as Therapy can be in the form of private, one-on-one, 1 hour therapeutic yoga sessions specifically designed for you. Or, can be incorporated into Wellness sessions designed especially for you. A session which perhaps may include the use of bodywork, breathing exercises, the use of small inflatable balls to "roll out" knots and kinks in your body.

When we think of yoga, we usually think about how it can increase flexibility. But, did you know that yoga also strengthens muscles and connective tissues. It reduces and eliminates adhesions between and within muscles and even between muscle and bone.



An adhesion is a "stuck" place where adjacent tissues become glued together. Combinations of yoga postures can move stuck tissues across one another in many different directions ungluing and breaking  them loose from one another. The movements of yoga, moving into and out of postures, hydrate and lubricate these tissues, preventing them from getting stuck together again.

Often this 'stuckness' between tissues is what we commonly think of as stiffness, inflexibility, short muscles or just plain getting old. Have you ever tried to stretch a muscle over and over again to no avail? If you already do yoga, have you found that your practice just isn't helping some of your muscles to lengthen? Or does the new found length only last for a short time?

I have devised specific methods that will produce lasting results. Methods that you can learn and take home with you.

Yoga can also help you to reduce and eliminate pain, improve balance, heal from injury, strengthen your body, calm your mind and reduce stress.