Myofascial Release

MFR is used to smooth out fascia, the “fabric” or “matrix” that the human muscular system is built upon. This releases and normalizes built-up postural tensions and imbalances. Posture and function are improved and/or restored. Fascia is a type of body tissue that envelopes and compartmentalizes our muscles. Think of an orange, if we were to cut it in half we would reveal the orange in cross-section. We would then see how the orange is divided into distinct sections. The “walls” of each section is like the fascia that wraps around each of our muscles. Within these wrappings we find that the muscles are subdivided into bundles that are wrapped in fascia, each of these bundles is composed of numerous muscles fibers and each fiber is contained within its own covering of fascia.

Some muscles are close to the surface of the skin. Some are deeper and lie below surface muscles. Others lie side by side. All are wrapped in fascia. The fascia is slippery and lubricated so that the muscles can glide over, under and beside one another. Sometimes the fascia gets sticky or gluey.


This causes problems. Now muscles are being recruited or inhibited in their actions by their neighbors. Smooth movement is disrupted. Maybe you can’t reach as high as once you were able or now you’re feeling “tweaks” or aches and pains. Maybe you wonder if you’re just getting old. Maybe not. These are symptoms of “adhesions”. Muscles can be adhered to one another, to the skin above or to the bones below.

Myofascial Release techniques mostly target the fascia closest to the skin. While this is helpful, these techniques simply don’t penetrate deeply enough to get at the deeper adhesions. I have developed deep Myofascial Release techniques to get at those problem areas. Now muscles can be “peeled” off of each other layer by layer or between adjacent muscles. The skin can be “unstuck” from surface muscles or deep muscles can even be released from adhesions to bone.


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