YogaWork Therapy

Massage and Bodywork Therapy are enhanced by using YogaWork as an adjunct therapy

I use Yoga poses and practices as adjunct therapies. They fit quite well within the context of regular BodyWork sessions.

The BodyWork, helps to release tensional patterns in muscles (myo) and connective tissues (fascia), aka, myofascia. It does so by loosening and reshaping the myofascia. Myofascia, is changeable, moldable and elastic. It can be manipulated to lengthen or shorten. Knots, pains, toxins and scar tissues can be worked out of it.

The YogaWork, brings your own efforts to bear. Just as BodyWork can change myofascia, so too, can YogaWork. I’ve developed YogaWork to use the age old practices of Yoga. In case you don’t know, Yoga is brilliant. It is the ancient precursor, to the Mind/Body connection.

YogaWork can be targeted into the very same tissues that the BodyWork addresses. The effects of YogaWork reach into hard get into areas. Areas that Massage and BodyWork Therapy can’t get into.

Yoga is not just for stretching.  By all means use Yoga to stretch. But, use Yoga to strengthen. Use Yoga to align and balance your body. Yoga will improve your posture. For more energy do Yoga. Increase your sense of well-being with Yoga. These are just some of the benefits that YogaWork can promote.

In the fall of 2007 I attended a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. By the spring of 2008 I was certified as a 200 hour level Yoga Teacher. I have been teaching Yoga from that day to this.

In 2009, I began teaching Yoga Anatomy for a Yoga Teacher Trainees. I dug back into the medical anatomy.  The anatomy that I learned in massage school. It was classical, western anatomy. I found, that it didn’t describe yoga well at all.

Western anatomy, is based upon a reductionist model. This model reduces the human body to smaller and smaller bits and pieces. Assuming  that the sum of the parts, is equal to the whole. But it isn’t true.

That model doesn’t describe human movement very well at all. You simply can’t, call out the exact movements, of each and every muscle. It just doesn’t add up. Reductionism is this case simply doesn’t work.

Movement and balance can best be observed and treated holistically. Muscles and fascia are linked, one into another, into long chains. Chains that cross whole body regions. Myofascia doesn’t stop at one joint, only to start anew on the other side of the joint. Myofascial continuities run in chains across joints. And often across multiple joints. The chains mediate complex movement patterns body-wide.

When movement patterns improve, your pain lessens. As your Myofascial balance improves your aches and pains improve too.