Creative Reset

The Creative Reset Position produces a state of deep relaxation. The idea is to bring as many of your joints as possible into a state of minimum tension. Your muscles, connective tissues (myofascia) and nerves relax and unwind. You enter into a neurologic and energetic neutral zone. This promotes a state of deep relaxation, an all systems reset if you will. 

The firm surface of the floor supports the joints of your whole spine. Your vertebrae and sacrum settle into the floor. The earth’s gravitational pull and the rhythm of your breath soften your body into the floor below.

Your head, neck, upper/middle/low back and sacrum are releasing tension into the floor. Your shoulders, arms and chest are placed in a tension free configuration and allowed to release via the agency of gravity and your breath. Your low back, sacrum, hip joints, thighs, legs and feet, all soften, re-position and reset via gravity and breath.




How to Lie Down
  • Sit on your bottom on the floor

  • Shift over onto one hip or the other, whichever is most comfortable for you

  • Place your palms on the floor and lower yourself onto your side

  • From here, gently roll over onto your back


Relaxing into Creative Reset
• Place your feet comfortably near your bottom and about 18 to  24” apart

• Turn your heels outwards and your toes in

• Place your hands comfortably onto your chest or belly

• If your thighs fall outwards, move your feet further apart and again, turn your heels out and your toes in

• If your thighs still fall outwards, loop a strap around your thighs near yours knees, secure the strap and let your knees fall outward and rest into the restraint of the strap 






Softening the Upper Deep Core
  • Release the tension in your upper core

  • Soften your chest, upper back, shoulder blades, and neck

  • Soften your jaw

  • Release the tension in your tongue


Intention in Creative Reset
  • There is no Doing in Creative Reset
  • There is only Gravity, Breath and Intention

      • Lie softly and gently on the floor

      • Your spine is neutral, do not flatten or press

       • Breath naturally through your nose

      • Allow gravity and breath to release your body into the floor

      • Gently hold the Intention that undefined, positive changes will occur through the agency of the Creative Reset

      • Remain here using your Intention for as long as feels useful