Healing Practices – Home Work

The Creative Reset Position produces a state of deep relaxation. The idea is to bring as many of your joints as possible into a state of minimum tension. Your muscles, connective tissues (myofascia) and nerves relax and unwind. You enter into a neurologic and energetic neutral zone. This promotes a state of deep relaxation. An all systems reset if you will. Learn how!

The abdominal muscles alone, cannot produce functional posture. They are more like the reins that guide the horse. The real postural work is done more deeply. The following practices start with your pelvic floor muscles. Principles from east and west are combined to produce a “postural wave”. The wave is engaged from your pelvic floor. It is a deep tensioning pattern from your tailbone all the way up your spine. You learn how to hold yourself aloft from the inside out. Learn How!