eviCore Independent Medical Examiner IME

Read This: If You Are Insured By Regence Blueshield or Premera Bluecross

Some plans that are offered by Regence and Premera are quasi managed care plans for Massage Therapy. Regence and Premera have hired eviCore, an Independent Medical Examiner (IME) for some of their plans. Check with your plan to see if eviCore is overseeing your Massage Therapy. In Washington State such plans must allow 7 massage sessions before eviCore steps in and begins managing your Massage Therapy. At this point your chances of getting more insurance paid massage are severely diminished. At the very least your care will be delayed repeatedly two or so sessions at a time.

Consequently, I will not go beyond 7 sessions billing your insurance company. I can however offer to negotiate price discounts for continued care.

If you would like to learn more about eviCore’s deceptive practices Click This Link.