Body Balancing

Body Imbalances

The human body has a central “Fulcrum”. An initiating balance point. That balance point is the pelvis. Most human pelvises are imbalanced in some way.

A pelvis that is tipped too far forward, will shift your weight forward. Your body will adapt to that imbalance. This balance will be dysfunctional. Your body has shifted it’s shape to counter the dysfunction. It will twist and turn in whatever way that it feels necessary. The resulting new shape then creates a new set of imbalances. The new imbalances cause your body to adapt again. Your body shifts its shape again. Creating new imbalances. And so on and on.

Your pelvis can be shifted out of balance in many ways. It may be shifted backwards. Shifted to the right or left side. Or may be shifted too far forward. There are many ways in which a pelvis can be imbalanced.

Pelvic Stabilization

What happens when we shift your pelvis into balance? The Fulcrum action will begin to shift your body into a new functional balance! This is a physical bodywork practice called Pelvic Stabilization.

Pelvic Stabilization fits within a multiple session sequence. Pain patterns and dysfunction are discussed. Alignment is assessed. A plan is formulated. The Pelvis is balanced. The obstacles to balance and posture are removed session by session. Pain and dysfunction are treated concurrently session by session.


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