imageI’m Michael Dennis, creator and owner of Tangible Results Massage. I opened for business in the spring of 1994 soon after graduating from Seattle Massage School, now known as Everest College. The name Tangible Results reflects my desire to effect lasting, positive therapeutic change for my clients.

Prior to reinventing myself as a Bodyworker Therapist, I spent many years in the electronics industry. I worked my way up from an electronics technician into research and development and finally to a post as a test engineer. I learned how to learn, how to research, how to innovate, how to identify problems and how to solve them.

But, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to work directly with people to improve their lives. Many of those same skills that I had honed in the high tech field have proven to be invaluable to my bodywork practice. I'm very good at finding hidden things. I’m constantly learning new therapeutic skills and improving them as well as researching to create and innovate new techniques, always with an eye towards providing Tangible Results for my clients.


P1000357_2I was born in Puyallup, WA, and grew up in Port Orchard, WA. My father was an avid outdoorsman, a fisherman, hiker, backpacker and mountaineer. He instilled within me a deep connection with the natural world. A connection that I still feel deeply and actively pursue to this day. I'm an enthusiastic hiker, backpacker and snowshoer. I find a sense of deep release in the sights, sounds, fragrances and vibrations that abound in nature. I always find ample time and opportunities to sit and meditate deeply while on these outings. I find that the surroundings act as a catalyst that deepens my sense of connectedness. 


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