Balance and Alignment

The Vitruvian Man looks so perfectly aligned. Yet so static. Perfect alignment like this doesn’t exist in the flesh. This is an idealized view. Its studied, static, rigid, and controlled. Such perfect human symmetry, doesn’t exist naturally. Sorry, Leonardo.

Posture is a loaded term. It brings to mind a stiff, controlled form. Standing or sitting, with “good” posture isn’t a relaxed state. It requires a lot of concentration and effort. It doesn’t feel natural. Having “bad” posture, sounds like a character defect. Its like you are “bad”. Shouldn’t it be relaxed? Somewhere between too much effort and giving up? Between “good” and “bad” posture?

In the western sense, posture and posturing are both active states. Both, are based on actively doing something. Balance and alignment is something else. It’s a state of being. Not a state of doing. You have to ask yourself. Are you a Human “Doing”. Or a Human “Being”?

When you “do” posture, you have to keep “doing” it. Or it falls apart. Posture is not an activity. Balance and alignment are something else.You can’t train posture just by doing stomach crunches. The minute you stop “crunching” your abs, posture falls apart.

When you overdevelop your abdominal muscles, they get hard and tense. The classic washboard abs look. Hard and inflexible abdominals restrict your breath. They restrict relaxed movement.

Systematically exercising to “build your core” produces a monolithic girdle. It lacks grace and subtlety of movement. You tie your pelvis, waist and rib cage together. This in turn locks your head and shoulders in with your hips. Independent motion is what is needed.

To find a “postural process”, you have to look deeper.

How can we find ourselves balanced in the process of posture? I call this process the “Postural Wave”. I stumbled upon it. Searching for a simple way to improve my own balance and alignment.

There had to be an organic, holistic approach. An approach that uses our body’s own “intelligence”. A set of natural, self balancing, actions. When, set correctly, the actions create “posture”. The “Postural Wave”.

All regions of your body need to be co-ordinated yet divisible. Thighs, hips, low back and ribcage flexibly united. Your neck freed from your shoulders. Shoulders carried upon your upper ribcage. Neck and shoulders acting independently. The postural wave running from your pelvic floor and up your tailbone, sacrum and spine. Your body held aloft with minimal effort.

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