About My Approach

Michael Dennis, LMT - BodyWork Therapist - Tangible Results Massage & BodyWork- Why Advanced  Massage & BodyWork and Yoga as Therapy Are For You!

I'm Michael Dennis, LMT.

I've been practicing bodywork therapies since early 1994. I view my years practice as a long line of healing relationships. Relationships that I established with each client who comes through my door.

I like to work in a partnership with you. A partnership where we contribute to your care and learn from one another. A true collaboration.

I can guide you on a path of discovery. We'll find out what is truly going on. Is this a new injury? Has it been going on for for some time? Sometimes old injuries are buried. New injuries and old often layer into each other. This can create imbalances. We will find where balance is lacking.

The Absence of Balance

Absence of balance can delay your healing of new injuries. And also perpetuate old injuries. Together we will learn how to specifically restore your unique balance. A new balance to speed your healing.

Let's take a closer look at physical, structural balance in the human body. We have all seen imbalances in other people's bodies and in your body too. You may have one shoulder that's higher than the other. Your thigh bones may be turned in or turned out. The two sides of your pelvis may be tipped forward at different angles. This can make one leg seem longer than the other.

Imbalances and Healing

These kinds of imbalances change the way that our bodies move and function. Imbalance moves us away from free and easy movements. They put you into stressed, dysfunctional movement patterns. Functional movements lead to greater balance and healing. Dysfunctional patterns move us in the opposite direction.

When balance is restored to your pelvis/hips, all other parts of your body sort themselves out. Your basic balance and function between your hips, thighs, legs, ankles and feet begin to improve. Major regions begin to balance. Pelvis, abdomen, rib cage and shoulder girdle work better together. When your basic body relationships improve, your ability to be pain free improves.

Why did you seek me out?

In my approach to bodywork, the first thing that I need to know is: Why did you seek me out? Is this a new injury? Is it old? Did your issue just pop up out of nowhere? Did you do something innocuous and your pain is way out of proportion with that event? Is it even related to an injury? Have you had this issue for some time now, even for many years? Maybe you have no idea why you're suddenly having pain? Maybe it crept up on you? All of these various things have significance. They mean something. There is nearly always some kind of pattern. A pattern that will lead you and I to a solution or a series of solutions.

What I can do for you.

These are the techniques that I use.

Neuromuscular Therapy. Neurofascial Release, Myofascial Release melt, ironing, intermuscular seam release, septum release between muscle groups, Still Point Detection, Yoga as Therapy, Repatterning of basic movement patterns

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