After a lot of thought I have decided to permanently close Tangible Results.

My last day of service in Seattle will be March the 18th, 2022.

I’m moving lock, stock and barrel to Duvall, WA.

My new business name is Michael Dennis, LMT.

I’m already working in Duvall Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

My new website is michaeldennislmt.com

COVID 19 advisory: For your safety, we are asking clients to arrive just a few minutes prior to their appointed session time to minimize patient cross-over in the waiting area. Please wear a face mask while passing through the wait area and during your massage session.


Effective August 12, 2021 I no longer accept medical insurance. I accept all other forms of payment including cash, checks, credit and debit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover).

Tangible Results Massage is located in Seattle’s Wallingford Neighborhood. Wholly owned and operated by Michael Dennis, LMT. His broadly based massage therapy and bodywork practice draws upon 25+ years of clinical experience. He specializes in finding the root causes of pain and dysfunction. Your body’s own ability to heal is enhanced. You become an equal partner in your own healing.

Your own, individualized treatment plan is a collaborative effort. You help to set out your goals. New injuries? Short term acute pain resolution. Old injuries? Long term goals for chronic pain and/or posture.

Sometimes injuries don’t heal fully and become chronic. Other times your pain goes away only to come back again. Pain can come “out of the blue” for little or no apparent reason. Something must be at work that stimulates or perpetuates these processes. Misalignment. Your body may be out of balance. Pain and dysfunction resolve best when your body is balanced and aligned. Balance and Alignment.

Posture can be a loaded term. We commonly think of our posture as “bad” or less commonly as “good”. What if posture is not something that we cause? Instead, what if it is a process? A process that is encoded in your DNA. This process “switches on” in early childhood development. It gives you the power to first lift your head, then to crawl and later to walk. This process, when set in motion, perpetuates itself. What if through injury or poor habits this process is compromised? Body Balancing.

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